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Martell VSOP
The amber-colored Martell VSOP convinces with aromas of autumn fruits,
some wood and a hint of vanilla.
Full-bodied and harmonious in taste.
2 cl 6,00
4 cl 11,60

Camus VSOP
A golden color, sparkling and clear. Flowery and fruity notes,
as well as a hint of almond and grapefruit give it a very special character. Delicate and harmonious, with a subtle note of wood.
2 cl 6,00
4 cl 11,60

Otard VSOP
This Otard VSOP has a light golden color. On the palate
it is flowery and mild, with delicate hints of linden leaves,
completed with notes of pear, vanilla and light spice.
2 cl
4 cl 6,50

Hennessy VS
Hennessy VS is the epitome of a straightforward cognac that captivates
with elegant, lively notes. It's mild and complex.
2 cl 7,00
4 cl 13,60

Remy Martin VSOP
Remy Martin is recognized worldwide as the benchmark within the VSOP class
. Rich in aromas of vanilla, oak, violet, hazelnut,
liquorice and port wine, it is a symphony in golden yellow and amber.
The taste is reminiscent of apricot, liquorice and hazelnut.
2 cl 7,50
4 cl 14,60

Otard XO
Unique composition of distillates from Grand Champagne and
the Borderies. A noble and very complex cognac, with impressions
of hazelnuts and honey, as well as a hint of tobacco and leather.
35 years of aging in oak barrels
2 cl 18,00
4 cl 35,00

Hennessy XO
An intense color that is reminiscent of rare marble. Velvety and soft.
A very balanced taste that completely keeps the promise of the bouquet. Baked fruit and chocolate, elegant and robust, balanced and round: a wonderful harmony between aromas, which is accentuated by powerful pepper notes and the oak components.
2 cl 30,00
4 cl 59,00

other Brandies

Asbach Uralt
Fruity on the nose with nuances of hazelnut, vanilla and spices.
Full and stimulating taste with floral notes and a long finish.
2 cl 3,00
4 cl 5,60

Papidoux Calvados Fine
This calvados has all the quality of a good calvados. Full
apple aroma, light golden color and an excellent harmonious taste.
2 cl 3,00
4 cl 5,60

Vecchia Romagna
Italian brandy with a gentle aroma and traces of almonds. Very soft in taste. Distilled twice, matured for at least three years in limousine barrels
2 cl 3,00
4 cl 5,60

Fruity and spicy in taste and with a mild character.
The 7 star Metaxa is aged in oak barrels for at least 7 years.
2 cl 3,50
4 cl 6,60


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