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Gin & Vodka

Gin & Vodka

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Bombay Sapphire
The most famous gin in the famous blue bottle. What makes the Bombay Sapphire
special are 10 “botanicals”. These are vegetable additives
such as lemon, almond, liquorice, cinnamon cassia and iris. The botanicals
pleasantly soften and complement the bitter taste.
pur 4 cl 6,50
Tonic Water 4 cl 8,50

This French premium gin from the brand "Gabriel Boudier" comes from Dijon,
made with a lot of manual work and carefully selected spices, such as juniper,
coriander, lime and orange peel, fennel and angelica root. Especially
the addition of saffron, which clearly stands out in taste and color, is clearly visible in this soft and mild gin.
pur 4 cl 7,00
Tonic Water 4 cl 9,00

Tanqueray N° Ten
Charles Tanqueray began his search for absolute perfection in 1830.
Over 170 years later, the Tanqueray N ° TEN embodies Charles's successful pursuit of
the development and manufacture of perfection. It is the only
gin that is distilled using hand-picked citrus fruits and plants and is characterized by its incomparable freshness.
pur 4 cl 10,00
Tonic Water 4 cl 12,00

The Hendrick’s is very powerful when nosing, with intense floral aromas of
violets and roses and yet very balanced with juniper and coriander.
In the taste, fresh citrus and juniper aromas that subtly linger. But the real strength of Hendrick’s is the refreshing cucumber and rose taste.
pur 4 cl 11,00
Tonic Water 4 cl 13,00


Absolut Vodka Blue
Absolut Vodka is the third largest spirits brand in the world. The driving force behind the success
is the Absolut Vodka Blue. For the production of Absolut Vodka, southern Swedish
winter wheat and pure spring water from the in-house spring are used. It tastes
soft with a note of bread and malt, accompanied by a hint of dried fruit.
pur 4 cl 5,80
Bitter Lemon / Orange 4 cl 7,80

Skyy Vodka comes from the USA and is one of the most popular vodkas worldwide.
Only the best American grains are used for production. Skyy achieves its special finesse through a special manufacturing process. Skyy Vodka
has established itself in Germany in the meantime and is also served internationally in clubs and bars. Many bartenders swear by the Skyy and
state that it makes the best cocktails and long drinks
pur 4 cl 5,80
Bitter Lemon / Orange 4 cl 7,80

Three Sixty
The diamond among the vodkas!
The Three Sixty is made from the purest grains obtained exclusively from organic
cultivation and gently distilled four times. The Three Sixty Vodka gets its ultra-soft and fine taste through the so-called diamond filtering, which
allows even the finest impurities to be eliminated and an exceptionally pure
vodka to be produced. This unbelievable improvement in filter performance is based on the
use of so-called high-grade diamond dust, which is introduced into special filters in a complex process.
pur 4 cl 6,80
Bitter Lemon / Orange 4 cl 8,80


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