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Glenkinchie 12
Less than 15 miles from Edinburgh's famous Royal Mile, the distillery
of Glenkinchie is nestled between the rolling hills of the East Lothians, a rich pasture and corn country that has always been the center of Scottish agriculture. The best barley flourishes
here on the first-class arable soils. The springs of the hills provide the wonderfully soft
water for the Glenkinchie, a malt with the charm of Edinburgh. Light in color,
light and gentle, but the smokiest of all Lowland malts in terms of character.
2 cl 6,50
4 cl 12,60


Dalwhinnie 15
The spring that gives it its fine taste is called Lochan am Doire-Uaine
(Gaelic for "lake in the green grove") and is located at an altitude of 2,000 feet in the
Drumcha Mountains. From there, the pure spring water flows underground through rich
deposits of peat into the Alt an t'Sluic, the brook of the distillery, and brings with it the memory
of melting ice, the tender blooming heather and a hint of honey sweetness.
The delicate combination of delicacy and depth makes the Dalwhinnie unique among the Hihgland malts.
2 cl 6,50
4 cl 12,60

Royal Lochnagar 12
Royal Lochnagar is one of the smallest but finest distilleries in Scotland.
Only produce in two small copper stills,
no more than six qualified employees,
a true malt with a distinctive character.
Here the malt is produced in the traditional way.
The result is a noble Highlander with a complex,
sweet-fruity aroma and a little smoke.
2 cl 6,50
4 cl 12,60

Cragganmore 12
Since 1869, the year in which the legendary whiskey genius John Smith founded the distillery in the
Spey Valley at the foot of the Craggan More Hill, this unmistakable
Speyside malt has been used only pure spring water flowing over hard diabase rock is used. This water brings out its remarkable elegance wonderfully.
A flowery, aromatic, fragrant malt of high complexity. Fresh and juicy like the
green, blooming banks of the Spey.
2 cl 6,50
4 cl 12,60

Glen Elgin 12
The Glen Elgin Distillery is located in the heart of Speyside and was established in 1898 as the last
house during the boom years. The Glen Elgin single malt enjoys a high
reputation among Speyside bottlings. Even if it wasn't always available as a single malt, it has remained an insider tip over the years.
2 cl 7,50
4 cl 14,60

Coastel West

Oban 14
Founded in 1794, the Oban distillery is one of the oldest, older than the place itself
that grew up around it.
Hence the unusual sight of a distillery on the main street of a town .
The unmistakable taste of Oban single malt is based on the contradicting nature of its
homeland between mountains and sea.
Without the heaviness and peat taste of the whiskeys from the nearby
island of Islay The Oban does not deny its proximity to the sea or the typical,
sustained gentle flavors of the Western Highlands.
2 cl 8,00
4 cl 15,60

Coastel East

Clynelish 14
Few malt whiskeys come from the stormy north east coast of Scotland.
Among you, the Clynelish certainly plays the leading role. Since the distillery was founded in 1819, their whiskeys have been famous and sought-after. You can taste the sea
in the Clynelish with its sparkling, fresh style and well-structured body. A
very successful connection between the typical characteristics of the northern highlands and the islands. And an experience that no malt lover should be without.
2 cl 7,50
4 cl 14,60

Isle of Skye

Talisker 10
Anyone who visits the widely scattered hometowns of fine malt whiskeys comes
last to Talisker, the only distillery on the Hebridean island of Skye. Tucked away in the small coastal community of Carbost, Talisker can truly claim to be one of the most remote distilleries in Scotland. Golden, full-bodied and expressive emerges from the heavy shadows of the Cuillin Hills one of the great single malts.
The abundant fullness of taste that it unfolds on the palate brought it honorable from the poet RL Stevensonmden Title "King o'Drinks".
2 cl 6,50
4 cl 13,60

Isle of Islay

Caol Ila 12
The Hebridean island of Islay occupies a noble position when it comes to malt whiskeys. Like their
jagged rocks, endless peat bogs and storm-used residents, the Ileachs
(pronounced "Ilach"), your whiskeys have an unmistakable
character. The 12-year-old Coal Ila is a typical, peaty Islay malt, but
surprisingly fresh, which makes it a wonderful aperitif.
2 cl 8,00
4 cl 15,60

Lagavulin 16
Among the distilleries on Islay, Lagavulin is particularly typical, from the pear-shaped
"stills", the copper stills, to the elongated, low warehouses
by the sea, where the malt whiskeys mature. Many different elements contribute
to its unmistakably robust character, but especially the influence of the peat can be clearly felt in the taste of this whiskey.
2 cl 10,00
4 cl 19,00

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