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Canadian Club 6
A light golden yellow color. Fresh, soft, sweet and nutty on the nose.
The body is light and supple, but in the oily taste you can find
nuances of vanilla, caramel, berries and spicy oak.
2 cl 2,60
4 cl 4,80

Black Velvet 8
A pale golden yellow color. When nosing, a grain brandy with pepper spice
and toffee can be seen. A slightly jagged body that does not reveal what the palate discovers: caramel and chocolate!
2 cl 3,00
4 cl 5,80


This light whiskey, with its pale golden yellow color, is a successful combination of fine spirit and wood. Aromatic on the nose, with waxy
orange peel, linseed oil and leather. Creamy, smooth and sociable taste.
2 cl 4,00
4 cl 7,60

Bushmills 10
This single malt is of the greatest purity. The triple distillation,
storage in bourbon and sherry barrels and the sea air of Northern Ireland give
a special character, with aromas of sherry, vanilla, honey and malt.
2 cl 5,00
4 cl 9,60


Four Roses
A pale red-brown color. Tender and fruity on the nose with nuances of
vanilla, nutmeg and citrus fruits. The medium-strong body is round.
The taste is creamy honey, caramel and oak.
2 cl 3,50
4 cl 6,60

Wild Turkey
The color is an amber yellow. The full, strong, heavy body and the
aromas of caramel, vanilla, peach, leather and pepper spice give an idea of what you will taste, the full bourbon note with oak and fruit.
2 cl 6,00
4 cl 11,60


Ballantine’s FINEST
The color is a golden yellow. The aromas are reminiscent of sweetness, cream toffee and
slightly of grass. The body is soft and of medium weight. On the palate, this
whiskey is delicate, sweet and fresh with a dry finish.
2 cl 3,00
4 cl 5,80

Chivas Regal 12
The Chivas Regal 12-years-old is golden yellow. Pure and light in the body, with
scented aromas of orange and mint, which are slightly nutty and flowery.
Soft and grassy on the palate with notes of vanilla, milk chocolate and apple.
2 cl 5,00
4 cl 9,60

Jonnie Walker Black Label
This whiskey is amber yellow and has a smooth, robust body.
In the nose there is ripe and fruit made up of peat,
nutmeg, vanilla, baking apple, raisins, peaches, heather honey and
orange peel.
On the palate, it convinces Syrup, white pepper, honey and orange peel,
underlined with a peaty background and great depth.
2 cl 5,00
4 cl 9,60

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