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Zonin Prosecco Special Cuvée Brut
This Prosecco draws an elegant and harmonious Taste, which underlines a light almond note.
0,1l - 4,50
0,75l - 28,00

Prosecco Aperol
Prosecco with Aperol and a splash of soda. On the rocks.
0,2l - 6,50

Prosecco with elderflower syrup, pointed soda, fresh mint and lime.
0,2l - 6,50

Aperol Spritz
White wine (Riesling) with Aperol and a splash of soda. On the rocks.
0,2l - 6,50

Aperol Tonic
Tonic water with Aperol and a splash of soda. On the rocks.
0,2l - 5,00

Sherry „Sandeman“ medium / dry
Liqueur wine from Spain
5cl - 4,50

Martini Rosso / Bianco / Dry
Martini Rosso Bianco & Dry are flavored white wines (Vermouth) made from various herbs, mainly wormwood. The classic aperitif from Italy.
5cl - 4,50

Campari Bitter
Herbal liqueur with a bittersweet taste from 86 different roots, herbs and spices.
On the rocks 4 cl - 4,90
Orange 4cl - 4,90
Soda 4cl - 4,50

San Bitter
The alcohol-free bitter from Italy. Tastes of citrus fruits and herbs. Similar to Aperol.

The unmistakable aniseed composition from France. Strong aniseed taste with nuances of liquorice and a little sweetness. We serve you the classic Pernod with ice water.
4cl - 4,90

Martini San Bitter
Martini Bianco with San Bitter on ice with an orange wedge.
Recommendation of the house!
0,2l - 6,50

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