Welcome to the StegSieben in Pforzheim, where you can enjoy the best steaks and burgers since 2010.

We take pride in serving you quality dishes made exclusively with fresh, hand-picked ingredients. Our experienced chefs are true masters in preparing steaks and burgers, using only the best meat to achieve the perfect taste and ideal consistency.

Our juicy and tender steaks are prepared with the utmost care and offer you a selection of different cuts, including rump steak, fillet steak, rib-eye steak, and much more. We serve each steak with your choice of sides, such as crispy fries, grilled vegetables, or fresh salad.

But not only our steaks are a culinary delight, also our burgers. We prepare each burger with freshly prepared beef, crisp vegetables, cheese, and a selection of delicious sauces. If you are looking for a vegetarian option, try our delicious vegetable burger.

Since 2010, we have been a firm part of the local gastronomy scene in Pforzheim and have established ourselves as one of the best addresses for steaks and burgers in the region. We take pride in spoiling our guests with the best ingredients and providing them with an unforgettable taste experience.

When you visit us, you will also discover our special daily menu, which is created by our kitchen team every
day. Here you will find seasonal dishes and special offers that are only available for a limited time. Let yourself
be surprised by our creative and delicious dishes.


Simply reserve your table and enjoy the best steak and burger experience that Pforzheim has to offer!