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Spirits / Grappa / Rum

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Klipfel Poire Williams, Elsass
Poire Williams is an elegant and very mild pear brandy with a slight sweetness
2 cl 3,50
4 cl 6,00

Klipfel Kirschwasser, Elsass
Klipfel Kirsch is made from “Guignes” cherries
and tastes harmonious with a slight hint of almonds
2 cl 3,50
4 cl 6,00

Klipfel Framboise, Elsass
This fine raspberry brandy tastes balanced,
with fruity aromas of ripe raspberries
2 cl 3,50
4 cl 6,00


Grappa Riserva
This grappa is the color of amber. with nuances of wood, fruits and flowers.
The taste is soft, flattering, delicate
and flavored by the aging in oak barrels.
2 cl 5,80
4 cl 10,60

Bonaventura Maschio La Grappa 903 Barrique
In perfect balance, different types of pomace are distilled separately
and then blended together before they mature in barriques. The nose is dominated by fruits
and toasted aromas. On the palate it is characterized by a mild spiciness,
great aroma and great structure
2 cl 6,80
4 cl 12,60

Grappa Cantina Privata
A poem from a grappa!
From the Bocchino distillery, Piedmont, Italy. The grape varieties are
Nebbiolo and Moscati d’Asti. This grappa shines in a dark
amber dress. Its antique golden color brings vanilla
cedar and spicy aromas into the glass. The taste is soft and mild
with finely bound tannins and a long finish. This “fine drop” matured in Slovenian oak barrels for 12 years.
2 cl 11,00
4 cl 21,00


Havana Club Rum 7 Jahre
An adventure on the nose: made from cocoa, vanilla, cedar, sweet tobacco and
lush tropical fruits. On the palate, a spicy - intense
taste of vanilla, chestnut and caramelized tropical fruits is convincing.
2 cl 5,80
4 cl 10,60

Ron Zacapa Centenario Sistema Solera 23
In the glass, this Ron Zacapa impresses with its amber color, but
it is a real experience on the palate! The clear and distinct notes of
vanilla, caramel and almond give an incredible sweetness, which is underlined with fine
nuances of dried fruits, nougat and chocolate.
Awards of the Ron Zacapa Centenario Sistema Solera 23:
Gold medal and award for best rum of the International Cane Spirits Festival 2006 in Florida.
Canada "International Hall of Fame of Rum"
Five years in a row (1998-2002 ) Gold medal in the "Super Premium Category" !!
Gold at the 2009 International Spirits Competition
2 cl 7,80
4 cl 14,60


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